Tuesday, June 7, 2016

And I'll never be her.

I can't help. But wonder. What do you see in her. That after all these years of asking me out. You end up with her again. That it's so easy for you to let go of me, to end this thing that lasted 2 years 2 months and 20 days. Yes, I counted.

When I think of it. You never made me smile. You never really did anything to make me happy. Except that one time you fetched me home from work. But there are tiny gestures you do that show me deep down you care a little.

I'm sorry I can't "just be happy" like you told me a couple days ago. I was feeling better. Then I lost the one thing that will show me what you are up to. Okay. No big deal.

These days I wake up with the same thing on my mind... why her? Why never me? Why nothing good ever happen to me? You are the one person I can't go a day without thinking about. Sometimes I'm fine. Sometimes just the thought of you and her makes me tear up.

and i`m still hoping...

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